Who is Henry Cables?

As one of the most respected cable suppliers in the world, Henry Cables has been servicing the cable industry around the globe with dedication and professionalism for 15 years.

We develop and manufacture instrumentation and communication cables, industrial control cables, high voltage power cables etc., and compliance with UL, IEC,BS, AS/NZS, VDE standards, as well as any specifications of our clients.

At Henry Cables quality is our first priority. In the past 15 years, we developed company wide total quality management approach to achieving long-term success with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Total quality management depends on the participation of all staff in an organization to improve processes, products, services, and their work culture. Most of them are founding members from day one. We invest large amount of time to ensure the ...【more】

500+ ContainersAnnual Export
35,000,000 MetersYearly output
28 CountriesSales Market
From 60V to 33,000VProduct Range
4300 Various SizesProduct Types

Why Choose Henry Cables?

Unlike many of our competitors, our team members fully acknowledge and having the expertise in preventing and managing common frustration of overseas clients, such as :

Oxidation of conductors
Stick between insulation and conductor
Stick between insulation and sheath
Incorrect color code
Incorrect color of jacket
Imporoper labeling
Improper packaging and loading
Off standard of quality on raw material

In addition to being a professional manufacturer, we also provide “Inspection services” for clients who have the needs in out-going QA inspections on outbound shipments,with cost and time efficiency. QA service providers such as SGS, is capable of assuming the same task, yet their lead time and cost factor often become prohibitive.

At the same time, many small inspection companies “Claim” that they have the expertise, however the complexity of cable products is a specialized field.

Advantage Products

Medium Voltage Cables
Electrical Cables
Control Flexible Cables
Rubber Flexible Cables
Instrumentation Cables

Our Mission

HENRY CABLES ’s mission is to remain one of the leading suppliers of electrical cables in China by providing high quality products and service worldwide. We are always at your service and willing to assist you with any of your cable enquiries to support and develop all current and future opportunities in partnership.

It’s this knowledge, along with our agile and responsive approach, that allows us to tackle challenges whether large or small, simple or complex.

Our Team

We have a well coordinated team of highly competent professionals who contribute to the consistent high standards of quality of the product and are always in look out for the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Most staffs are founding members from day one,they feel Henry Cables is not only a working place,but also a real family .Some of key staff introduction as below:

Henry HuangManaging DirectorI have been working in the cables industry since 1999 when I started my career,and then with rich experience in cables manufacturing process and technique, I built Henry Cables in 2007.
Anna ZhuoGeneral ManagerI enjoy building relationships both personally and professionally with clients,and I have a strong desire to learn and understand your business needs to ensure that we can meet them.
Ray DengSales ManagerI am passionate for helping my customers solve their problems. Treating them how they’d want to be treated, my goal is providing each customer with an ideal solution for their needs.
Max WangTechnical ManagerWith 20 years experience in the cables industry,I can easily understand the client’s requirements and solve all the technique related questions from the customers.
Andy HuangEngineerSince working in the Henry Cables in 2011, I have mastered a wealth of knowledge on cables. I am 100% dedicated to the quality commitment promised by Henry Cables.

Our Quality Management

All cables and cable systems supplied by Henry Cables are subject to strict quality controls. The cables have to pass through various test procedures and quality assurance measures and these can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements or application.Our process ensures you get a fully functional product of the best quality and at the lowest price possible.

Adhering to international norms of production for inputs and stringent quality check points for out puts, our cables must do what they are supposed to do.Henry Cables has a highly modern test area with a number of test rigs where all the standard mechanical and electrical tests can be carried out.

Our Quality Assurance Plan focus on:

Our Cabling Network

Over the years we have been privileged to work with many customers in a number of industry sectors, supplying Oil and Gas, Mines and Quarries, Airports and large infrastructure projects across the world.

So far,Henry Cables has been supplying cables to 28 countries which are indicated as below .