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Approaching its 10th anniversary, Henry Cables has been servicing the cable industry around the globe with dedication and professionalism.

We develop and manufacture communication cables, industrial controlcables, high voltage power cables etc., and compliance with UL, IEC,BS, AS/NZS, VDE standards, as well as any specifics of our clients.


Unlike many of our competitors, our team members fully acknowledge and having the expertise in preventing and
managing common frustration of overseas clients, such as;


Oxidation of conductors
Oxidation of sheath
Stick between insulation and conductor
Stick between insulation and sheath
Incorrect color code
Incorrect color of jacket
Imporoper labeling
Improper packaging and loading
Off standard of quality on raw material


In addition to being a professional manufacturer, we also provide “Inspection services” for clients who have the needs
in out-going QA on outbound shipments,with cost and time efficiency.

OQA service providers such as SGS is capable of assuming the same task, yet their lead time and cost factor often
become prohibitive.

At the same time, many small inspection companies “Claim” that they have the expertise, however the complexity of cable
products is a specialized field which is not catered to amateurs.


is committed in servicing our customers' needs, and as the result of our dedication and professionalism,

we have developed a good number of satisfied customers across Europe. A sample list of our customers follows;


has been supplying cables to 22 countries during past several years which are indiated below .


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