Who is Henry Cables

As one of the most respected cable suppliers in the world, Henry Cables has been servicing the cable industry around the globe with dedication and professionalism for 15 years.

We develop and manufacture instrumentation and communication cables, industrial control cables, high voltage power cables etc., and compliance with UL, IEC,BS, AS/NZS, VDE standards, as well as any specifications of our clients.

At Henry Cables quality is our first priority. In the past 15 years, we developed company wide total quality management approach to achieving long-term success with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Total quality management depends on the participation of all staff in an organization to improve processes, products, services, and their work culture. Most of them are founding members from day one. We invest large amount of time to ensure the the certifications are adhered to.

Henry Cables has been respected for its high standards of quality, excellent service level, competitive pricing and a unique and innovative spirit. With our latest technologies, we are both inspired and well-positioned to meet the changing needs of our customers. We have the resources to diversify and to enhance our product lines and services. We understand the need for change and with our accurate planning we are ready for the future and the promise of new marketing opportunities. Our tradition of growth through excellence is assured.

500+ ContainersAnnual Export
35,000,000 MetersYearly output
28 CountriesSales Market
From 60V to 33,000VProduct Range
4300 Various SizesProduct Types